English-Korean animal medical dictionary. 2013.

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  • Trichostomatida — Tricho·sto·mat·i·da (trik″o sto matґĭ də) [tricho + Gr. stoma mouth] an order of ciliate protozoa (subclass Vestibuliferia, class Kinetofragminophorea), many of which are endocommensals in vertebrates; most have uniform somatic… …   Medical dictionary

  • List of B codes for MeSH — The following is a list of the B codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.Source for content is [ here] . (File 2006 MeSH Trees .)MeshNumber|B01|Animals… …   Wikipedia

  • ЭНТОДИНИОМОРФЫ — (Entodiniomorpha), подкласс (по др. системам, отряд) ресничных инфузорий. Размеры от 50 до 300 мкм. Произошли от равноресничных инфузорий отр. Ресничноротых (Trichostomatida). 34 рода, св. 200 видов. Ресничный покров редуцирован до неск.… …   Биологический энциклопедический словарь

  • Balantidium — ▪ protozoan       genus of ovoid protozoans of the holotrichous order Trichostomatida. Uniformly covered with longitudinal rows of minute, hairlike projections (cilia), Balantidium exists as a parasite in the intestines of pigs, apes, and other… …   Universalium

  • trichostome — ▪ protozoan  any ciliate protozoan of the holotrichous order Trichostomatida. Free living forms are found in freshwater (e.g., Tillina), salt water (e.g., Woodruffia), and decaying vegetation; parasitic forms also occur. Trichostomes usually have …   Universalium

  • Balantidium — A genus of ciliates (family Balantidiidae) found in the digestive tract of vertebrates and invertebrates. [G. balantidion, dim of ballantion, a bag] B. coli a very large parasitic ciliate species, usually 50–80 μm in length, reaching up to 200 μm …   Medical dictionary

  • Blepharocorynthina — Bleph·a·ro·co·ryn·thi·na (blef″ə ro ko″rin thiґnə) [blepharo + Gr. koryntheus basket] a suborder of ciliate protozoa (order Trichostomatida, subclass Vestibuliferia) found in herbivorous mammals, especially horses, and… …   Medical dictionary

  • Isotricha — Isot·ri·cha (i sotґrĭ kə) [iso + Gr. thrix, trichos hair] a genus of ciliate protozoa (suborder Trichostomatina, order Trichostomatida) found in the stomachs of ungulates, and characterized by the presence of an apical cytostome and by… …   Medical dictionary

  • Trichostomatina — Tricho·sto·ma·ti·na (trik″o sto″mə tiґnə) a suborder of ciliate protozoa (order Trichostomatida, subclass Vestibuliferia) in which the somatic ciliature is not reduced. Balantidium and Isotricha are representative genera …   Medical dictionary

  • Vestibuliferia — Ves·ti·bu·li·fer·ia (vəs tib″u lĭ ferґe ə) [vestibule + Gr. phōros bearing] a subclass of free living or parasitic (especially in the digestive tract of vertebrates and invertebrates) ciliate protozoa (class… …   Medical dictionary

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